Selector wheel and connection to microcontroler via WLAN/Bluetooth are possible?

Hi, I just discovered AppGyver and I started with my first project.
Before I go into depth with AppGyver I would like to aks you wether my needed functionaities are possible to achieve with AppGyver.

  1. I need a one-page Web App that runs on Mobile Browser (No need for iOS or Android native Apps)
  2. Establish WLAN connection (Bluetooth would also be ok, for now) with microcontroller (Arduino + ESP8266)
  3. Create a Scroll Picker (Similar to Date Picker Wheel on smartphones) selecting Minutes and Seconds. When exceeding 60 Seconds, the Minute-Value should increase by +1.
    The selected values should then be sent to the Microcontroler.

Are these funcionalities possible with AppGyver? I added two screenshots which describe my curent Web App Design.

Thank your for your help! :pray:


I think step 2 is tricky :thinking: It isn’t possible at the moment afaik, but perhaps there is a react native plugin that would allow you to do just that once we have support for third party plugins.

Hi @Johann_S , I too am trying this for ESP 32. The simpler approach is to build an app that can connect to an access point, like a router at home.