Self-signed certificate and mobile app

Hi experts,

maybe similar to this topic I wonder what to do.
I have a REST service configured which I can consume in the Composer Pro tool after I allowed Chrome Browser to access this “insecure” URL.
When I run the app on the phone, nothing happens. I suspect it’s due to the self-signed certificate. Questions:

  1. How can I work around this? The test-system which serves the service is not accessible for me to change/ buy a certificate. e.g. is there a way to call the app in the mobile chrome browser to test it? Or set “allow self-signed certificates”?
  2. How can I see REST calls in the app debugger?



Just to get help you debug this more yourself before I leave for the weekend and can continue further only on Monday – you might find it useful to use the web preview and open the browser’s developer console. From the network tab, you can see the requests your app makes.

Not sure about the self-signed certificates and so forth, does it work for you in the data tab in Composer? Or are you using HTTP request flow function to do the requests manually?

Hi Mevi,

this was already very helpful. Now in the web preview I could see that it was not working due to a missing whitelisting of in the CORS request. Now the preview works.
On the phone it still wouldn’t work. I suspect this is not a problem of the CORS at first hand but the fact that the certificate is not trusted and I can’t make it trusted as I said for the moment.
I could now go on with the preview but it seems to lack some functions e.g. the barcode scanning doesn’t activate the camera in Chrome (although permitted).
Ultimately I would be good to have it running on the phone but I can continue at least in the preview. Let me know if you have further ideas please.

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Hi! Yeah some plugins like the Camera plugin do not work through web at the moment, even if on mobile. As far as I know, this isn’t going to change :confused:

If you want to know more about what’s going on in mobile, you could use alert or debug log to show you the error message from the create/update/get record flow function by using ENCODE_JSON and alerting the outputs[“name of flow function”].error. You could also see the logs of your backend when you try to do the requests on mobile and see what it produces.

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Hi Mevi,
could you elaborate on “alert or debug log”? Where do I find that? I used the Debugger but the console, flows and state don’t show much. I guess you meant something else. Also what you mean with the ENCODE_JSON. A link to the documentation would suffice.

Sorry for the many questions :sweat_smile:

alert or debug log are both flow functions that can be found in the marketplace, that you can put into different parts of the logic to check the state :slight_smile: ENCODE_JSON is a formula.

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