Send App variable/page parameters in the POST request body


I am trying to create a POST to REST API and I am able to do so successfully if I have all the fields as input in my screen and then using “create record” but there are few ID’s getting passed along from previous screen which I want to send to the POST body and I am not able to do so.
I mentioned the properties in the schema tab -

And also how can I generate unique Id in appgyver which I can pass in POST call?

If someone already worked on similar track, please suggest!

Hi Mohini,

When using Create record the “record properties” object will be sent as the JSON payload for the request.


If you bind the properties to a formula, you’ll be able to access app and page variables like this:

{UserId: appVars.userId, PlanTypeID: pageVars.planTypeId} etc.

The app and page variables should also work directly with object bindings since you have defined the schema in the Data configurator. :slight_smile:

You can use the GENERATE_UUID() formula to create a unique ID (link).

Hi Mari,

Thanks for replying, I am able to bind correct properties now!

Although I am facing another issue now -

In one screen I have POST and I am setting the app variable on success output of POST.

When I set the app variable to ID field(this is uuid field), it is not getting set properly as when I use this app variable in another screen for another POST, I am unable to see that column there but when I set the app variable to any other field apart from ID field it all works fine.

I am not sure if I am approaching this the right way!
All I want to do is - While registering a user - generate a user ID and then send the same User Id while create a record for subscription so that I build a connection between these two entities with same user ID.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, if all other fields are visible maybe the ID is not being sent correctly to your backend. Could you post a screenshot of how you are sending the generated UUID, and how it differs from the rest of the fields? Using the debugger could also help you find out where it’s going wrong, the State tab shows you the current contents of any variables you have. :slight_smile:

Hi Mari,

Id is getting send properly-

And this is how it gets added in my database as well -

and When I set the app variable to any other field(here I binded with UserName), it works fine -

But when I set the app variable to Id field, the column itself is not send -

I will also try debugging this!

Thanks for your help in advance!


update on the last point in my last reply - Column is getting send but with value “null” in case of setting app variable to id field.

Hi, could you send a screenshot of how you’re currently including the app variable? It could be that it’s not found or doesn’t have a value at that point (this you can also check in the debugger), and that’s why the value is null.