Send content of variables in an email

Is there a way to send the content of variables in an email? Either in the subject line or body?

I have been testing with open url function but haven’t figured out how to embed variable content.

you can use an api to send email like this one, where you can use the variable values.

you can take a look on how to connect it here

or here with http

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Thanks. I am not familiar with rapidapi. Is that a paid service?

you can take a look but that depends on the api, the one i linked, just yesterday, became free.
Also in the videos you can see exactly how to connect the api with your app

Great. Thank you! I will explore… More to learn for me!

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I am replying to myself here because I wanted to share what I learned. That is, you can pass variables using the open url flow function from the marketplace to pass variables to an email. This involves mailto and binding a formula to open to url input. Here is my formula example:

“mailto:”+pageVars.address+"?subject="+"Here are your validation scores from “”&body=Here are your validation scores: Relator = “+appVars.relater+ " Stormer = “+appVars.stormer+” Driver = “” Framer = “+appVars.framer+” Thinker = “+appVars.think+”. Thanks for using the Personal Style Indicator!”

This passes variable contents for the email address, subject and also variables to the body of the email. It will use the default mail client on the user’s device to create the email.


Would you mine sharing exactly what you did. I have been at this for hours messing with variables and formulas and no luck. The body of my emails just show “+appVars.driver1+” etc

It is a bit tricky. I had trouble with it too. You have to bind openurl to a formula. Here is my code:

“mailto:”+pageVars.address+“?subject=”+“Relator-”+appVars.relater+" Stormer-“+appVars.stormer+” Driver-“” Framer-“+appVars.framer+” Thinker-“+appVars.think+”&body=Your validation scores from “” are shown in the subject line. Thanks for using the Personal Style Indicator!"

I found that passing variables in the subject line was more reliable than in the body. Not sure why.

Hello Marc!

I had the same problems as you today (05/12/2022) and it was simply, why the variables were not being loaded with the value.
I fixed that, and after the values were loaded normally, the formula worked normally.
I’ll leave the formula I used below, just change it by its parameters.

In a tap component, connect an Open URL component and using formula mode, adapt the one below to your case. And remembering, if it’s not working, check if the variables are being fed. Good luck!

“mailto:” + here_is_your_email_variable + “?&subject=A/C%20de:%20” + here_is_your_name_or_subject_variable(optional) + "%20|%20Mensagem%20de%20Seu%20Eleitorado!&body=“Here%20put%20your%20message%20or%20guidelines%20or%20even%20variables%20with%20data%20you%20want%20to%20send,%20such%20as%20a%20quote,%20for%20example.”

%20 = space

OBS: Sorry for the translation via Google, my English is still very weak.

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@Marido_Perfeito - Thank you, this helped!