Send message to Whatsapp

Let’s say I have a store, and I would like to be able to send a product’s short details with a link to the products to a friends on Whatsapp. How can I do so? any idea please.

I’ve found this and will try it:

I couldn’t find “Open native share dialog” in the flow function market" :frowning:

@alsalem.yousef See this

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I would like to send a msg from my app to a whatsapp number.
I found this API

I´m thinking to use a button with a logic http request

with a get method but it does´t work
Any suggestion.

If its from your app to Whatsapp, wouldn’t be a POST API be better?

Yes is from my app, but the POST it doesn’t work either.

if i use the http command on my cell it works.