Send message to Whatsapp

Let’s say I have a store, and I would like to be able to send a product’s short details with a link to the products to a friends on Whatsapp. How can I do so? any idea please.

I’ve found this and will try it:

I couldn’t find “Open native share dialog” in the flow function market" :frowning:

@alsalem.yousef See this

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I would like to send a msg from my app to a whatsapp number.
I found this API

I´m thinking to use a button with a logic http request

with a get method but it does´t work
Any suggestion.

If its from your app to Whatsapp, wouldn’t be a POST API be better?

Yes is from my app, but the POST it doesn’t work either.

if i use the http command on my cell it works.

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Hi guys. I’m trying to do the same thing, but no sucess.
Any news about this issue?

I was able to solve this with the “Open URL” function on the “Page Focused Event”. Simply search “Open URL” on the components. You add the Whatsapp URL on the properties.


Jorge, I’m using it here according to your tip. IT WORKS! Gratitude…

But I have a question, please see if you can help me:

Is there any way to make (from within the application) the message be effectively SENT or will it always be just text (formatted or not) waiting for the user to press SEND from within WhatsApp?

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Hi, nice work, it really works, but do you know if theres similar api to send message with messenger?

The only way to do that kind of thing is using a service like [chat-api] ( I have done integrations on web apps using CURL and a Mysql database to record the message sent or received.

You can use something like: Redirecting... (That’s my business fanpage). You can see details on this on Links - Messenger Platform - Documentation - Facebook for Developers

can u please share a api for gmail that i can use and also i am new to appgyver and its features if possible please tell me how to use gmail api

What are you trying to do with regards to gmail?

Dear All, I sucesfully implemented the button to send whats app messages by URL as discussed previously in forum.
I coun´d figured out a way to automatically´s resume to my Mobile APP´s control as soon as the message went out by Whatsapp App. Do you guys can give me any food for thoughts: Many thanks in advance.