Send OTP or Verification code on Email and SMS

Hello All,

I am new to the platform. I am using Xano as a backend. I want to send a verification code at the time of user registration. Also want to verify email id as well as mobile number bye sending 6 digit code. How to achieve that can you please help me with that?

Thank You


Bumping this post up.

I saw this recently asked.
The reply mentioned Twilio or Sendgrid.
Both of which you can POST data to and an email or SMS will be sent. Its not that tough, but I don’t recall seeing any walkthroughs for this.

I have a related question about web apps. How to pass the 6-digit code to Sendgrid without exposing it via dev tools?

You can use a PHP script to send the email. It’s very simple to send a smtp email via php. And free.