Send Page Variable in HTTP Request


I am creating an app that speaks with our inventory management system. I have the app setup to create a page variable with the output of the QR/Barcode scanner. Then I want to send that value to a webhook I created via an HTTP request. I think I have everything setup right but the webhook keeps receiving empty requests with no actual values. Can someone provide some feedback on how I can get that value to actually pass through.

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Hi Nick,

Either you are not updating the variable correctly or passing the updated variable in correctly in HTTP request. Try to pass the values to Toast and see what is the output for both the steps.

Hey @Vignesh_Rajendiran thanks for the input. When I do a toast at both points it includes the correct information. For some reason that value is not passing on though.

Hi Nick,

I can you are setting the page variable thetaserialnumber from the output of ScanQR and passing the same to request body.

What is happening is, the thetaserialnumber is set to value like 2842673887 and you passing the same to request body. you are passing just text as input but HTTP request body is of type JSON. So please check the documentation of you web hook.

Formula of body should be like below

But I think this field is ignored for GET request. Not sure. Please check with JSON type as above…