Send to printer

Hi! I´m a new Appgyver:Er. Been using Bubble alot and moved to Appgyver because it feels even better.

I´m curious about how I can implement a print option. Need to print info on screen or receipts etc.
Is that possible to do?
I have checked out Zapier and Google Cloud print, but as I understand Google CLoud Print will be discontinued.

Anyone have solved printing yet?

Sorry for missing this!

For web apps, you can just add a JavaScript node and call print() inside it.

However, to customize the output and e.g. not show navigation elements, more robust functionality is needed, and mobile apps will need some native APIs.

The real solution we should implement should be so that you can define a print layout as a page using Composer, then call “Print page” and that’d open the browser/mobile native print dialog with the contents.