Sending Email..api's

Are there any viable non-third party (Sendgrid) ways to send emails. The core part of my app is emailing a mobile order into the office. Clients fill out a mobile form and the data is emailed to the office to be filled out for pickup. Sendgrid is a great product but, for my 250 emails / month or so, it is over kill. There are a ton of free email apis, but which ones work best with Appgyver. I have read [JOHN_WORSHAM].
(Profile - JOHN_WORSHAM - AppGyver) post on sendgrid and that is fine, but it is hard to find any tutorials on how to integrate it. There are lots of platforms to produce apps (backendless, bubble etc) but it seems not many of them integrate a core functionality of an app…email without a third party api.

Actually, i solved this myself. As I have webhosting, i created a form in a blank wordpress site and used a webview to display the form and voila…email and responses. Ignore the overall layout. Still in development.