Sending emails from an Appgyver app?

Hello all,

I am trying to create an app that emails pdf files to me when a user completes a form. Currently I have an app that has a few input fields tied to app variables. When a button is clicked, these are sent via a POST call to Craftmypdf (cool site if you haven’t checked it out yet). I can successfully get the output and save the file to my device without any issues. I am having extreme difficulty finding out how to email this file “with the click of a button”. I understand i could open a web url with a “mail to”, but would prefer a simpler approach (simpler for the user). All I need it to have a pdf file that was recently downloaded to be emailed to me, I just cant seem to get the integration mentioned in the below article to work.

Try sending the email through a php script. You’ll need to host the script on some server though.

Thanks for this. I ended up using and I send data via an api there and then I use the email integration to email out. I made a video on this (below).