Sending emails via a image (mailto:)

Hi, this is my first post, hope someone can advise me on this. I am trying to use an image in my app to send emails. I have done this in a web page, it is a simple mailto: email

Anyone know how I can do this in Appgyver?


Find the “Open url” flow on the logic flow marketplace. Place that on the tap component event on the image logic canvas. And set the url to the mailto url you need.

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Hey Mihaly, thanks for your comments… The Open url, is that within the Appgyver app? Sorry, I am new to the app and I am just trying to figure things out.

thanks again


Yes. Follow these screenshots:

Here you will see a button “install” do that.

From here drag it onto the canvas and connect to the tap component event.

Finally set the property of the flow function here to the url that you want to have:

*Hope this helps. And if You are new to the platform, please spend some time reading the

*It would solve most of your beginner issues. And one more thing to note. This was a question and not a guide, so the category of the issue was incorrect.

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