Sending Info to Backend - HELP PLEASE!

AppGyver has overall been great but I have been trying to get push notification help for months. I have hired a developer to create a backend but can’t figure out how to send the required info from appgyver to the backend.

This calls an API that passes x,y, and z

We need to integrate this with appgyver to pass the app name, device token, operating system. I’m trying to use the formula below but can’t figure out how to actually send this info to my backend.

“SCCAOR SOURCE”+‘outputs[“Get device token (beta)”].token’+‘systemVars.os’

Can anyone please give me guidance on how to get this information from appgyver to my backend??

Also, is there a method for testing push notifications without using test flight?

Since the app name will be fixed, you can hardcode the data.
For the device token, you can store the device token in the persistent storage (Go to component market=> search for " Get item from storage" )
For the Operating system, you can use the formula “systemvars.os”

Create a POST API in the backend that will take three inputs, app name, device token, os and send the data.

Hi Ankur,

Thank you for your reply. I’m really looking for a step by step instruction on how to send info to the backend. The backend is already built. I tried the method shown in the screenshot with no luck.

Hi! I would recommend making a data resource for the backend (even if it has just a POST API) if it is a REST type API, and testing it there on the data side. But you can also use the HTTP Request directly if you prefer – pass the info in the Request body using a formula in the format that your backend requires.

This is how I ended up setting it up - solved on my end

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