Sentry Plugin for Live Monitoring


I asked a mentor today (a coder) how he tracks errors in his deployed software so he can address issues the moment they arise. He said he uses Sentry for both back end and front end. He said they have a bunch of plug-and-play libraries for a bunch of different languages (including native app languages) and that with just one application, I’d have to pay little to nothing.

Is there any chance we could get Sentry integrated into AppGyver? Since it requires code, I don’t think it’s an integration I could do myself, but correct me if I’m wrong.

This would be useful also for me, I use it for backend and it continuosly say to me: "We have a sneaking suspicion you have a mobile app that doesn’t use Sentry. Start Monitoring


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There are some (free and) open-source options. You could try:

All of which you can one-click install if you run CapRover (no affiliation!) which is also free, and I think most cloud providers have one-click installs for Matomo (Linode etc.).