SEO Friendly app?

Does Appgyver enable us to create apps that are SEO friendly, with adequate h1, h2… heading tags for SEO?

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Does anyone have any clue about SEO capabilities of an app built on Appgyver?
This is an important aspect of any app development nowadays, I am surprised this topic has not been discussed before and no one seems to be picking it up… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:

Sorry for the long response time! This is not something we’ve paid attention to yet, but you can create a new feature request to with a rundown of what exactly you’d like to see supported.

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It is also a concern to me. One way around it @Fred_Kuzyk is to only build the app here and make a static page somewhere else that can be optimized and have a button/link on that page that sends the user to your app.

@Harri_Sarsa SEO is also a concern to me…my app would be useless without SEO
@Fred_Kuzyk Sir, Did you find any way around this issue?