Serious bug when creating new record in local storage.

I spent 2 days trying to figure out why it throws an error on the app preview on my iOS device but on web preview it works perfectly fine, i create a new record on local storage it works perfectly fine on web preview but on app it always throws error ,

TypeError: undefined is not an object(evaluating’resourceConfig.operations.create’)

I tried everything, create a page just with the button, attached add new record logic to it and even entered static values, still same error and yet on all my different variations it works perfectly fine on web app preview?

So i just noticed my iOS preview app has older runtime version 3.2.13 and my web preview app runtime version is 3.2.16, is this causing the issue? and if yes how do i update the app runtime version?

have the same problem. Spent 2 hours following the tutorial video (AppGyver - Composer Pro) and always got the error in the ios previewer

I have this problem for DAYS.

Since I thought this can’t be a bug, because it is so obvious, I’ve tried numerous things to create a work around.

Now here is my rant:
I know this is a free product and also marketed as free forever, however this is a very very fundamental basic functionality of the application that should not be broken.

I am on the “save something to local storage” journey for 25 days now and there is simply no end in sight.

The localStorage functionality was abruptly discontinued and was replaced with OnClient Storage.
Right now, the client storage solution which can be used differs from the one which is shown on the video.

Will this get a fix?
If yes, when?
If this project is on the way to abandonment, please tell so that I can look for other solutions.

I would not mind paying for this, if it promises to work correctly.

Proof of concept application: 321511

Hi, thanks for the report, we’re looking into the issue.

I need to submit something to the appstore basically today.
Do you have an approximate solution date for this one?

This is Mika from AppGyver team and I’m happy to say that the issue has been fixed now.

However you’ll need to recreate the on-device resources since we don’t have a migration for this yet.

If you are wondering I just haven’t had time to setup proper user account to the forums yet.

Thank you very much

Where can we send improvement suggestions to?
Do you do user research?
I would be happy to help.

Awesome, i can confirm this works, now can you explain why it happened and how can we prevent this happening from future as this really disturbs the flow of the work, thank you.

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I’m also highly interested on why this happened.

The problem was on our side, and we’re sorry for the confusion and inconvenience. There was a human error in deployment that caused this issue. We are working on improving our test coverage and processes to prevent and catch these types of mistakes.

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