Service worker support

Is there anyway to manage the bundling of service-worker registration into the bundle.js file for web? The way it’s bundled prevents me to setup custom service workers before hosting on netlify.

Can anyone who has implemented custom service worker advice on how i can circumvent the function for service worker that appgyver adds automatically?

@Harri_Sarsa would be great if we can be allowed to configure for service worker as part of the build process or have the option to have appgyver not include it in the bundle.js file so we can instantiate and do it in custom way.


@Harri_Sarsa. I’m bubbling this back up.

Let me rephrase my ask. How can I build a Progressive Web App with Appgyver? I’ve tried to use Workbox as a guide, but Service worker registration keeps failing. Is there a way to do this?

I have the same question about PWA generation.
Also, I built the web app but didn’t get a bundle.js file, I have 2 identical 2.8MB nodered.min.NNN.js files (one per page I guess).
@Dika_Oha, would you please share your process to get your PWA app from AppGyver?

If I ever figure it out, will report back here. Please do same too

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Do you have a bundle.js file or nodered file(s)?

@Dika_Oha, looks like we don’t have the same result.
I don’t have a service-worker.js and get an error when running pages locally:
"GET /undefined/service-worker.js" Error (404): "Not found"

How did you export your files to get bundle.js and service-worker?

After the build is complete, there is always a link to download the build.

Hey all,
Just posting a quick reply to show my interest in PWA as well, hoping this will nudge the Appyver team to share some much needed insights.
I am sure they know that PWAs are the future.

Thanks in advance…

Yup, thanks for the bump! Improving the web runtime is on the roadmap, and that does include service worker support at some point. You can always make a feature request to too!

So a PWA is not possible with Appgyver yet. Correct?

PWAs are way to create device independent apps for Android and iOS systems. See for instance or . The beauty of PWA is, that by using the Web App programming models you can deliver installable mobile apps which are (almost) as powerful as native apps without going through a build process and the appstore hell. PWA is a web standard very much driven by Google, Mozilla, Microsoft and others.

What does it mean to “support PWA development”? As a very first minimal thing, it would be required to allow placing a service-worker.js in the root of my web app. Don’t worry too much. A service worker will be started a separate thread without access to the DOM. Additionally, there shall be the option to reference the app manifest.json from within each page via “<link rel=“manifest” href=…”>". Also for this app manifest, the root is a good place.
There is potential to make PWA support even more convenient (although for me this fundamental opening up to deliver my own files with web deployments is more than fine). There are even companies which center their busines around tools for PWA development. See, for instance,, or .

Hope this helps raising the importance of this topic.