Set App Variable

Once upon a time, I was configuring a Set App Variable logic node, and I accidentally deleted the “Value” input. Now, it doesn’t show up on any new Set App Variable node that I drop.

Any way I can get that back?

Edit: This appears to be the case only while within a component. Maybe that’s the limitation?

The idea is that you should not be able to use Set app variable within a composite component, because composite components should be separate from app logic so they are reusable. There’s a bugfix to be implemented that you shouldn’t even be able to drag the Set app/page/data variable node into a logic canvas inside Isolation Mode.

The correct way is to use Edit properties to add a new root-level property to your composite component and bind your app variable to it from the “outside”. Then, inside Isolation mode, you can use Set component property to change the root property and thus make the changes propagate to the app variable.

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