Set button to show results

Hi everyone, I’m new using AppGyver. My first task aims to sum two numbers, and I want to show the results after pressing a button. How can I do it? The task I performed do not consider the button I created, so the summation appears after entering the two numbers.

Hi, you could create a true/false type page variable such as displayResult that is initially false. Then on button tap set that to true with “Set page variable”, and bind the visibility (under Properties → Advanced) of the result component to that page variable. Then the result will only be displayed after the button has been tapped.


Hi. Many thanks for your response. Now, if I want to update the result only after pressing again the button, what should I do?

Add the logic for making the calculation after “Component tap”

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Many thanks. Once the button is pushed, I can’t push it again, unless I restart the app. Should I set the variable “false” as at the beginning?