"Set clipboard content" is not working on APK

I made an app which use “copy to clipboard” function as given below screenshot. There is no problem while running it on APPGYVER app. But after creating and APK file, i tested it on Android 10 mobile phone and it gives me an error after clicking to “copy to clipboard” button. Did you face this problem or how can i solve it?

Error is “Unknown”
My phone is Oppo reno 2z
Android version : 11

Also i tried it again by giving all permissions to app, but still same. Does not copy to clipboard.


Same here, seems that this error hasn’t been solved yet. Any updates?


It seems to be an issue with newer Android phones, i believe to do with security, and not sure if permissions need to be set or granted to make it to work. I know that newer Apple phones stopped allowing the clipboard content to be copied due to security concerns.