Set component property logic node fails to execute when it is triggered by a variable that was set by a repeated component

Original state of the page when it’s loaded:

When “activeLesson” is null, “lessonInfo” container should be invisible. If a lesson is selected (adds the lesson’s id to “activeLesson”) the container should be visible:

The contents of the “lessonInfo” container:

When “activeLessonIndex” index is 0, the button that moves it to index-1 becomes deactivated.

When “activeLessonIndex” is equal to the last item in the array, the button that moves it to index+1 is deactivated.

When a tab is selected “activeLesson” is populated by the lesson’s id and “activeLessonIndex” by the lesson object’s index in the array.

Things that work:

  • When the + button is pressed a new lesson tab is added and automatically selected. This populates “activeLesson” with the new lesson’s id making the container visible.
  • When the - button is pressed the selected lesson is removed and “activeLesson” is nullified, making the container invisible.
  • Moving a lesson either to the start of end of the deactivates the appropriate button.
  • Moving the first lesson forward or last lesson backward activates the previously deactivated button.

Things that don’t work:

  • If the “lessonsInfo” container is invisible, selecting a tab populates “activeLesson” with the lesson’s id, but the container remains invisible.
  • If any lesson other than the first or last is selected, the appropriate button is not deactivated if the first or last tabs are selected.

Things I tried:

  • Added “set component property” node to make “lessonInfo” container visible at the end of the logic diagram of the soft tabs (last image).
  • Added the conditional logic for both move buttons at the end of the same logic diagram.

Neither of those had any effect.

The logic I have set works when the triggering variables are set by a button, but doesn’t work when the triggering variables are set by the soft tabs component.

I will issue a bug report on the tracker, but in the meantime is there a workaround to this?

Update: I added a couple of toast messages after the conditional node that sets the visibility of the “lessonInfo” container:

It doesn’t matter what the visibility state of the “lessonInfo” container is, selecting a tab always triggers the “show” toast, but the set component property has no effect.

Update 2: I recreated the lessons navigation with a repeated list item component as well as a repeated button component. The issue is still present in both variations.

Update 3: I can use the conditional renderer to avoid having to use set component property for changing the visibility of the “lessonInfo” container. The issue still remains that I cannot use set component property to activate and deactivate buttons.

Hi Marcos, did you ever hear back about this?

No I did not and I don’t remember if I submitted a bug report.