Set component style to label of checkbox

When checkbox will be true, i wanna set the label color to another color. I tried to do this like that, but it gives me nothing. Could you help me, please?)

I think this tutorial would be a good place for you to start.

Note that you might need to convert the component to a Container to get full flexibility to all style properties (though I’m not 100% sure if it’s necessary in this case).

There I can’t find needed details for me.

For example, i can’t change toggle color, when it will be true, there color - green, but i need to change to yellow. I tried to use “set component style” but there no any changing. Could you help, please? How to do this? Also, how to set width and height for this toggle?

You cannot change the color of the toggle itself, it’s always system default.

You can check on the Style tab which styles are available for each component.

Also, the tutorial uses a Primitive version of the input. If you want to use ready components, you have to enter the isolation mode to see all styles available. I’m not sure if those “hidden” styles can be changed with the Flow function or not. You might need to convert the component to Container to get all those styles free to use.