"Set Composite Root Property"... does not exist?


I have a somewhat complex dropdown-within-a-repeated-list-item situation, and I’m trying to access the user’s dropdown choice for each item in button logic elsewhere in the app. Like this:

So I tried to use the Component OnChange event on the dropdown to update a page variable. However, the Set Page Variable option is grayed out (along with app & data variable options), and I see a dialogue that says:

Cannot use variable setter flow functions inside composite component isolation mode. Instead, you should:

  1. add an appropriate root property to the composite
  2. use Set composite root property flow function to change that property
  3. outside isolation mode, bind your variable to the property on the component instance

The composite root property that I want to reference (“Selected value”) already exists within the dropdown component, and I already added a root property to the parent component (repeated list item) and linked it to the appropriate child component (dropdown → Selected Value). However, I cannot find the “Set composite root property” flow function anywhere! Not in Core, not in Marketplace, not in Installed, not in By Me…

Does this flow function really exist? If not, how am I supposed to access user input to my repeated dropdown?

Thanks :-/


Ah. Set composite root property is a beta functionality coming up in 2.X, not sure why you’re seeing it if you’re not part of the beta :thinking:

However, you can circumvent this by converting the composite component into a container in isolation mode under Advanced > Convert to a container. Then you can use page variables as you like.

Hello @Mevi , is the “Convert to a container” option gone? I don’t see it in the isolation mode.

Yes it is, unfortunately. We could not support it anymore now that we have internal properties for components.