"Set item to storage" not working properly?

Hey everyone,

I’ve experimented with Appgyver x Backendless and it works really well (with the help of this guide).

As in the guide described I’ve connected the “persitedUser” (Get item from storage) to the “authUser” (an app variable) as soon as the “login” page is created (which is my first site for the 3rd-party authentification).

(Button tap after the user logs in manually)

(Login page created logic)

So in theory the user information should be stored in “authUser”. Which works after i log in manually and then proceed. But as soon as I re-open the app and use the “stay logged in function/ automatic login” the app variable is empty and no name or id is shown on screen.

If i login manual the name is visible

And after the auto-login it disappeared

I can also not use any of that data which is my main concern.

It would be wonderful if you could help me solve this issue :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

With best and healthy regards,

Hi, what exactly are you setting as the value of authUser after getting persistedUser from storage?

Hey, i’ve set “authUser” to the objectId (which I would need but also disappears) and the user-token. Both of the are created by backendless:

and after that is just set “persistedUser” to “authUser”

(Here is also a picture of the appvariable:)

And what’s happening in the “Set app variable” node after you check if the item in storage is not null? :slight_smile: Looks like you’re setting the item to storage alright, I wonder if the problem occurs when you are trying to set it from storage back to the app variable.

I’ve set it up like this:

and here is the app variable node:

and also just in case the if condition node (should be set as in the guide):

Hi, there’s the issue: You are setting the app variable to its own value (which is empty), use a formula binding to get outputs["Get item from storage"].item.id and token

Wow that works :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: thank you very much for your help and time!

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