Set Page Variable from data record


I am trying to set a page variable with a value from a data record and I am stuck on this. Can someone see what I am doing wrong?

The data variable. The objectid is passed as parameter from preceding page.


Flow to set the get the data, set the data variable and set the page variable

The page variable seems to be set to null. In debugger I see that data variable has the data.

Thanx for any help, I’m completely new to this and frustrated :slight_smile:

Br Johan

we can’t see what you’re setting the page variable to here:

Set CustomerName to ???
Should be to Output of Node “Get Record” just like the “Set Data Variable” node does

Hi @jaymer_jaymer

You can probably see it from the screenshot from the debugger. I have tried the following with the same result:

From the data variable:

From the Get Record using formula

From the Get Record using output node editor

I can see why you’re frustrated. Because this should be easy.
So you’re setting the name into the data variable.
And then also setting the name into the page variable, which is your right, but you don’t also need it there, it’s redundant.

I would use toast or some alerts to display a value after the node,. And if you’re trying a formula we still need to see the formula editor. To see if it’s reporting a problem with type conversion. We need to see the definition of the page variable.

Thanx for taking the time to help @jaymer_jaymer !

Ok, so I have now removed the data variable and added the toast you recommended.

In the debugger I can see that the record is retrieved correctly and the formula in the toast points to the correct node and field, and the field has a value. Still both the page variable and the content of the toast remains empty

Here is the screenshot from the formula editor. I have the same formula for both toast and page variable.

Both source and target seems to be string/text and compatible

I wasn’t paying that close of attention to debug.
But it looks like to me that you retrieve one huge record with 240 entries in the list. And inside one of those is name.
So your formula doesn’t point to the correct element from what I can see.
There is no entity
It looks like it is
It may be syntactically correct, but it is failing at runtime which is why it is empty.

Personally, I don’t use AG like this with lists and look ups. I’m retrieving data directly from an API.
And I’m doing this from bed, so I can’t check anything right now. :grinning:

Hi @jaymer_jaymer

The entity I’m looking to get the value from is record.ProductRecipientPartyName and as you can see from the debugger the Get Record output has this and with a value