Set schema from response is not working

I am trying to incorporate a rest api but the set schema from response is not working - nothing appears when I click it although I get a message saying the schema was updated.


Failing that I tried to add the response key to see if that would work as follows


But I get the following message instead


Can anyone help? I have been racking my brains over this over and over.

In the test tab where you have your answer, you have click on set Schema from Response?

If it’s done, maybe the best is Custom Schema in the Schema tab.

In your test, adding a Response Key Path, the answer is no longer an array. An answer is impossible.

Yes I have clicked the set schema from response and it is not working . I am not smart enough to figure out a custom schema. Thanks for your response .

The set schema response is not working properly. I think it’s a bug from AppGyver.
I have a similar issue where the schema does not reflect at all the test api call jason result.

Thank you for replying. I appreciate the response.