Set the schema of a response in .json

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Subject: Integrate REST API.

API: Pixabay API
AppGyver’s response: Error:
The result was not an array. Maybe the data you’re looking for is inside one of the response object keys?

Status: -1

Resource settings for Get collection (GET)

Resource URL:
Relative path: undefined

Note: I appreciate an alternative to solve the problem. In advance success in your projects.

Hello, you are using GETS o GET, seem to me you are using GET, look the diference between JSON data array.

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Exploring on similar topics, I managed to find a very interesting discussion.

Important: Creating a schema manually to access the response in .json is the solution.

Bibliographic reference:

Thanks for your prompt response. I will study a solution based on your contribution. Successes.

Hi Edgar_Mauricio

your response array is under the key ‘hits’ .
so you can add in the ‘Response key path’ field the word hits … and it will work .


Hello, Iyad_Helwani.
Excellent answer, it worked 100%.

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