Set up OAuth2 Authentication calling API

Hi experts,

I am trying to call SAP iRPA API which requires OAuth2 Authentication to pass to API Post call. That includes Client ID , secret and URL. How can I setup Authorization data? and also Body where I want to pass json payload to the API call?

Any help or documentation would be helpful.


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which SAP iRPA API is it?.

I did not understand your question clearly.
SAP iRPA bot is generating HTTP Post call.
More details: frontend

You should be able to leverage the HTTP request component from the flow function market. You may have a look at the following public repo that showcases the use of the HTTP request flow, namely GitHub - SAP-samples/appgyver-auth-flows: SAP Cloud Identity and XSUAA authentication samples for SAP AppGyver. This repository shows how to apply OAuth 2.0 authorization and token flows to your SAP AppGyver apps..

I hope that helps; Piotr

Thanks I will check and update soon.

On a side note. From my experience using SAP Appgyver to develop web applications you might be better off with implementing your API request logic outside of Appgyver. I personally use a lot both API Management or alternatively kyma/k8s functions…
You may have a look at a couple of my blogs where I explain the above approach: HERE Location Services with SAP API Management and Kyma functions | SAP Blogs
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