Setting colors dynamically

What am I missing please, thanks. I cannot use a app variable as a color? Thank you.

In a similar vein. I generated a version of my app using the OLD build and the following works when testing thru appgyver but in the IOS app this cide is ignored.


Hmm, I tried using setting an app variable as an rgb code and binding it to a property’s color. I got the same warning in the formula editor but in the preview it works correctly. Are you seeing the right color in the preview?

As for the second problem, What do you mean by testing through AppGyver, using the or debugger or the interface builder? I any case, I would suggest changing the syntax to isEven(repeatedInfo.current) and seeing if that works better for the iOS app.

re second problem… works when testing, not in final product.

Alright. Did you try out the different formula, isEven(repeatedInfo.current) if that would work better on the iOS app? Or probably more precisely isEven(INDEX_OF(repeatedInfo, current)) in case you want to check the indox of current in a list of repeatedInfo.