Setting Opacity on a paragraph using a variable

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I am using the opacity setting under style to dim the display of some paragraphs. I have 6 paragraphs, when you tap on one the opacity is set to 1 for it and 0.3 for the other 5.

The issue is that the display doesn´t reflect the variable values. To get the paragraphs to display as per the associated opacity variable requires a double tap. Watching debugger shows that the variables don´t change with the second tap.

My suspicion is that the paragraphs are being redrawn before the opacity variable changes.

Doing the same thing with images instead of paragraphs works first time, every time, with only a single tap.

This feels very much like a bug to me. The display does not match the variables controlling the opacity 100% of the time.

Cheers, Phil

I got around this by moving the tap flow to a surrounding container. Everything works now. Still a bug, but theres a workaround at least.