Setting page variable by selecting from list of objects


I’m new to nocode/Appgyver so I could use some help. :slight_smile:

I have a text input field bound to a page variable named ingredient. When I type in the input field, it shows me a filtered list of items (e.g. Milk (Soy) in the image) below it. When I tap on a item in the list, I want to set pageVars.ingredient to the item name.

so, I type in “mil” and “Milk (Soy)” shows up in the list below. I click/tap on “Milk (Soy)” and the “mil” input field gets replaced with “Milk (Soy)”

I’ve been busting my brains trying to get it to work but no luck. I’m sure it’s not as difficult as I think.

I appreciate any help anyone can provide. Please let me know if I left out a crucial bit of info.


some more head banging and I came up with this.

Tie the variable (ingredient in this case) to “”