Setting up "Forgot Password" Process (AppGyver + Xano + SendGrid)


I have been trying to set up a “Forgot Password” process and am getting stuck. I am using three tools to try to accomplish this process:

  • AppGyver
  • SendGrid
  • Xano

On Xano, I am using this Snippet created by Xano to facilitate the reset process:

Xano - Reset Password

My original thought was to use a Custom URL Scheme to pass our AppGyver mobile app (from an email) a magic link token that I could then POST to Xano to verify and then let the user create a new password in the app.

However, my understanding is that SendGrid no longer supports Custom URL Scheme links. They only support HTTP or HTTPS links. My own testing seems to confirm this. (Link 1)

Our original vision for our project was to only create a mobile app but it seems to me that we may need to create a web instance in AppGyver in order to receive the magic link when a user clicks on an email from SendGrid and a simple interface to allow customers to change their password.

Does that sound right or am I missing something? Has anyone solved this problem before?


Hi @Spencer_Cook, I haven’t come across a similar question on here before, but based on the documentation it seems that you’re right and a companion web app would be the best approach.

Thanks! Just to confirm, I did end up creating another AppGyver project that is a small website that handles the “Forgot Password” process. Not ideal but it works.