Setting up the Enbedded Map View component is not working at all... Help please

Hello AppGyvers, I urgently need your help. I’m trying desperately to install the “Embedded Map View”, and I’m encountering several problems at once.

1.) If I enter my parameters in the list and start the app, I always see New York as the default.

If I open the list in the form editor, I also see error messages.

What do I have to adjust here?
2. I have the coordinates displayed under the map, but they are correct and also lead to the correct result on Google maps.
What am I doing wrong? Do I also need logic components?
3.) the initial map region doesn’t work either. If that worked, the initial map would be in Germany and just the marker in New York.

As you can see, many many questions. I look forward to your early help

Greetings Jens

Ok, I was able to solve the first part. By chance, I saw that there is a demo page in the marketplace. Here it is implemented differently than in the default settings when you drag the component into the page. It works better with a variable than with Custom Options.

But what doesn’t work and I still don’t have a solution is the initial view here I don’t get any meaningful data here I still need your help.

Hi everyone, in the end, I managed to do it. As I found in another post, you have to turn visibility off and on again and it works.

So that the page n does not look broken over time, I have installed a spinner in the meantime.