Settings Page to only work on desktop

Looking to create a management settings portal for my mobile app and web app. I would like the settings page to only work on the web through a desktop on web browsers and not on the mobile.

On the mobile, I would like “Please visit this on a desktop to use”

The management portal would be creating users for the app, creating tenants etc.

Would something like this be possible?

Hi @Nathan_McDonald you can use the os system variable to determine the operating system:

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I’ve had a look through, would it just be the case of setting the sysvar, or is there extra required?

Besides getting the system variable you need to implement logic with a formula in the UI to determine the component’s visibility. You can use either the “Visible” field of your components (under Advanced on the Properties tab) or a Conditional Renderer component from the marketplace to do that.

For example, if you bind a component’s visibility to systemVars.os === 'macos' || systemVars.os === 'linux' || systemVars.os === 'linux' || systemVars.os === 'windows' it will only be visible for desktop users.