Several general questions


First of all thank you AppGyver team for this magnificent app! I really impressed about thing which we could make in Composer Pro!

As I really want to use it on daily basis to build apps I have several concerns and questions if I may:

  • When new pricing comes out, do you thinking about some special programs/licence or something like this for no-code agiencies which building apps for their customers?
  • I saw that a lot of topics / features was promised in April 20, that they will be available soon, but since this time most of them are still in planned state. I know that during this time you was acquired by SAP and congrats, but still its one and half year and no big annoucements on this stuff.
  • Do you think that some of following features like for example customization navigation, adding custom components / plugins, AdMob or IAP will be available by the end of the year?

Thank you for answers and great work!