Shadow for image is not applied to Android app

I wanna apply shadow to images. The shadow is applied on web preview, but it is not applied on Android build. (Include Android preview)

Ui Canvas

Web preview

Android build & Android preview (Images don’t have shadow)

You also have to be very careful with shadows, many times when compiling if it is for an APK and even sometimes for iOS, for example, it can generate compilation errors. I had to use a “CONTAINER” component and put a background image on it (and give it the round shape and shadow in “LAYOUT”), then I had to take another component “CONTAINER” and put it inside the first component, give it in “STYLE” with the help of “PADDING” and its dimensions until I shaped the image. Shadows are very effective if it is for the “BUTTON” component.

Here I leave you a capture of the tests and I also compiled on Android and the results were successful and without problems.

It should also be noted that the same shadow effect also applies to the web.

In my image where it says CONTAINER 6, CONTAINER 8, CONTAINER 10… there are background images, I just forgot to change the name as I did with CONTAINER IMAGE 1

Thank you for your help! I solved this problem by use image under container and apply shadow to the container.

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Right, that’s a good idea too.

(Note: the good thing about putting background container images is that the images will load faster than if you use the image component)