Shared styles not carrying over when copying nested components


I laid out all our components thinking our business would only need native apps (=no thought to web layouts) for the foreseeable future. I was wrong, and now I’m rebuilding the app from scratch so that it is laid out well for both native and web and to take advantage of a hundred other improvements I’ve thought of while learning the platform.

In the new app, I created (fairly complex) templates which I’m copying and pasting onto my new pages. I’m using shared styles so that I can easily update the layout as the app evolves.

However, I’ve noticed that if I copy a nested component from one page and paste it into another, the only component that retains its shared style is the top component. All the components within it lose their shared styles and I have to go through and manually re-apply then.

Might be something to look at for future users who decide to take a template approach like I’m doing.

Yep, we know this is the case currently. This won’t likely be fixed in its current form as we’re working on a bigger overhaul on theme and style properties in general. The aim is to make styling easier and to limit the need to handle so many different theme variables. Still, I cannot promise any timetable for this.

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