Shift/Push new features to an existing app

Hi there, this is a simple question really: I’d like to know how can one be able to add a new feature to an already existing app?

Say for example I already have a web app that’s in production and used by actual users and there’s a new feature I create in AppGyver, how can I push that new feature to the existing web app that I have hosted on a server?

And how will this work for a mobile app as well? Thanks again!

Once you create and deploy a standalone version of your app via the Build Service, it becomes a snapshot of whatever your Composer app state was. Thus, once you have published your version 1.0.0, simply continue development, and once you’re happy, just create a new build with Build Service.

For web apps, the build is deployed directly on top of the existing one (currently there’s a 24 hour delay to show changes due to a cache issue, though you can always deploy to a different subdomain like myapp-beta in the meantime.

For mobile apps, you need to publish the 1.1.0 version binary in Google Play / Apple App Store just as you would a traditionally built mobile app.

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I see…Thanks a lot for the quick response, and please do keep up the good work, it 's all well appreciated! :ok_hand: