Shopify Integration

Hi, I’m trying to make an app for my Shopify store but I don’t know how to get the API URL for my store? all that Shopify gives me is a storefront API key, an admin API key with the password, an example URL (https://{apikey}:{password}@{hostname}/admin/api/{version}/{resource}.json), and shared secret.

I tried to use the example URL with the credentials given to me but it didn’t work.

any help would be apperciated.

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Hi! Currently you’d need to set up your own backend between Shopify and Composer to do this. In general, it’s a bad idea to have any of your API secrets (apikey, password) anywhere in Composer (except in the data configurations).

You can try Backendless or some other solution, perhaps. We have a solution for this coming up ourselves, but it’s still a few months away.

Hi @Mevi - Any progress on solutions or specific documentation related to Shopify integrations?


Hi! Unfortunately I’m unfamiliar with the integration, so I’m unable to give any specifics :sweat_smile: please see our documentation on REST API configurations for more generic information.