Show App Navigation after successful login

I would like to use the Navigation Menu - but only after the user has completed sign-up and login.

Setting up the Navigation Menu is a breeze - I have so far not found a possibility to show it only after the login page has successfully completed.

I know that this is possible for a single login screen with AppGyver Auth - but I need to include a publicly available Sign-up and confirmation page over and above the pure and simple login page:

The structure is therefore pretty simple:
No Navigation Menu for

  • Introductory Page
  • Login Page
  • Sign-up Page
  • Confirmation Page

After Sucessful Login the Navigation Menu should appear for the rest of the app.

Is this possible and how?

We have done structure similar to this in AppGyver Auth by doing sign up / etc. pages on the login page, by hiding/showing Containers for each step, so you could try that :slight_smile:

Tried this approach, with hidden containers ecc. - but there is too much going on on the pages that need to be available publicly.

@Tobias_Heinz set your app to 3rd party auth and move your “hide initial page view” logic node to come after the confirmation page in your signup flow.

That should hide the bottom nav bar until you want it to appear.