Show entries between selected dates

I’ve been trying to show data from firebase only if the current.createTime is between selected dates by user. By default (when page opens) I have pageVars.dateFrom set to the formula
and pageVars.dateTo set to formula NOW(‘YYYY-MM-DD’) so that the user at default can see entries made within a 7 day time period. These seem to be fine.

When I put the formula below to the container which renders the data (where its repeat function is linked to the data variable), nothing shows up.
Here’s the formula I’ve used for the visible function for this container

I figure there must be something missing with this formula as, if I were to leave the visible function set to true, then all data shows up fine.

I am struggling with this same issue. I unfortunately don’t have your answer, but hopefully this brings it back to the top of the list! If I find a solution I will update this post.