Show/ Hide web element in webview

Hi, I am working on a project, transforming a website into an app by simply using webview to achieve it.

There are some elements like the header nav menu. I would like to to hide it in the app webview,

I am wondering if there is a way to show/hide elements like using CSS selector or even with PHP conditions?


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I haven’t seen anyone doing that yet.

Im not sure if that is possible, but you could consider changing this a bit and instead using IF logic to display the components based on the device type:

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I think that as a webview component it will not indicate that it is a mobile device. But it is worth a try.

@pedrofarias I mean control the visibility based on device type. For this the web view would be added with the visible field set to false, then on page load you can have IF logic and if device type is mobile, it can set the web view component to visible. Otherwise, it would remain in the not visible state.