Show HTML (Base64) in web app

Hi im trying to display an image in base64 in my web app, i know that the web view component can doo that but it doesnt work in web apps.
Do you know any other way?

The reason im doing this, is that i have images in url format that i want to store in my database in firebase, but because i need to have a locale filepath in order to do that automatically, the only way i can think of is encoding the image with an api in Base64 and somehow display it in my app.
If you have any other thought about that please tell me!

Also if you have any apis from url to base 64 to suggest, im happy to test them!

Have you tried using the HTML renderer? That should work, if you include the info that the img is of base64 type.

Ohh i thought i had removed this post, i found out that you can show the base 64 code in regular image component, if it has this in the beginning,
now the problem, is, that because the base64 converter component, gets blocked with the specific urls because (as you might remember you found out) they blocked from instagram (otherwise the idea works).
(my face LOL)

i cant find an api to convert the image, from url to base 64, from what i understand, this is something so basic in coding that there are no apis.

Where im now
after testing with this site the idea works

1 i need to find an api to make the conversion
2 or i need help to use the javascript component with a script that does this (there are many examples online) And hope that the requests wont get blocked before the conversion.

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Hi! We have a formula called ENCODE_BASE64, would that work for you? Or maybe this flow function.

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yeah, as i said, this would idea, works with that flow function, unfortunately, in my case the urls are from instagram and get blocked and theres this error from that formula,
Type error:Failed to fetch
(but that doesnt mean it cant be done, because when testing with other online encoders, it works with there urls)
all these are for the convert file function, because the encode formula, if used, encodes only the string of the url and not the image