Show list items in parts

Hello there!

I’m creating an app which works with User’s Contacts. I have a page on which this contacts displays. On this page User has an option to select contact which he’d like to text a message. When User selects contact, this contact added to a list and current container’s background changing. And I have an issue.

Unforunately for me, User can have a lot of contacts, for example, one thousand. And in this case, when page is loaded app starts to lag a bit. But the most scary thing happens when User taps on contact which he is going to text on. Contact added to a list very fast (I checked it via Debugger), but all visual things like click animation, background changing and scrolling become working VERY SLOW.

So I have a question. Is it possible to display a list objects in parts? I.e. when page is loaded for example first 50 contacts loads, when User scolls down another 50 loads and so on. If it is possible, I’ll be glad to see an explanation of how it works.


Hi, I recommend using the “Recycler view” component from the marketplace for that, it improves the performance like you described. :slight_smile:

Hi, Mari! Thanks for your reply! Could you please advise an optimal settings for Recycler view? I’m a little bad in English and because of it I have some problems with understanding all of available settings of this component.

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