Show spinner while image loading

Does anyone know how to do that?

Hi @Dimos_Vamvourellis … there is a component in the marketplace called “Image with loading spinner” that does this.


Ohh it was that simple! Thanks @vereggen !

Um was this component deleted? How would I accomplish this now?

Ah yes, there isn’t currently a working version of that component :thinking: That one was constructed of several components so if you want to construct it yourself that’s possible – it’s basically made with a container with a spinner and another container (with the image as background image) or perhaps just the image component. The idea is to set the spinner to be positioned with position:absolute and that the image or container with background image has a higher z index, so when the image loads, it hides the spinner below.

However, there will soon be a version of the image component with an onLoad event, which would enable hiding a spinner when the image does actually appear.

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Hello, you could represent it by means of a graphic or mini clip, thank you very much. It’s that it doesn’t give me that effect.