Show welcome screen only once

I’m building an app that should show a welcome message. This page contains a button that navigates to the home page of the app.

How am I doing this right now?

  1. Set the “welcome page” as “open page” flow funtion in global view for “app launched” event.
  2. This welcome page opens in a modal, so that it need not be placed in the navBar

What problem am I facing?
Like I mentioned, the welcome page has a button called “continue to app” that navigates to the home page". But, the welcome page which is in a modal isn’t closing unless the user clicks back button. Is there somehting I’m missing here??

You open it in a “modal”, so you’d better use the “Navigate back to root” flow which would take you to your home page. Install this logic node from the marketplace and wire this up to your “Navigate to home” button.

Tysm! Worked!!
Thanks for helpig the community