Showing a button on hiding one

I would like to show a button on hiding one.

Button1 Logic: Tap component > Show component (site) > Hide component > Show component (new button).

New Button Logic: Tap component > Hide Component (site) > Hide component (this button) > Show component (Button 1: for a loop)

When testing this, the app crashes… am i doing something wrong?

Edit: It doesn’t crash every time, just when i click multiple times (what app user might do)
Edit: Also, is there a donation functionality within AppGyver? Since we’re against running ads on our website we have a donation button for those who would like to support us. It would be great if this is possible within the app aswel since we wanna direct our traffic to this app.
Another Edit: Does AppGryver support payment systems / webshops ?

Hey Joeyv,

One way of doing this is:

  1. Create a Page Variable called “showPage” with initial value 1.
  2. Create two containers (one to each page) and put the page content and the button to go to the next page.
  3. On the button logic, set the Page Variable “showPage” to 2 as below:

  1. Do the same for the button on the second container, but setting the “showPage” variable to 1.
  2. On each of the two container’s visiblity settings, put a formula to test which page should be displayed (1 or 2):

Now regarding the donation part, as far as I understand, if you want to do it from inside the app, then you have to use the App Store monetization feature (either Apple’s AppStore or Google PlayStore) and pay the commision to them. Otherwise you have to do it from outside the app, like from your website.

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