Showing Variables in Dropdown Option List

I am attempting to show a simple text variable as part of an option in a drop down list but the value is showing as undefined when I run the app. How come? If I toast the same value from a button, the variable value shows just fine.

Does any body have any advice for me in regards to the above issue?


Sorry for the delayed answer! I tried this too and it seems like a bug, I can’t get page variables to show up as labels either if I use a formula to assign them. They can be assigned as variables directly apparently, if that helps you at all. Sorry for the inconvenience, we hope to get it fixed soon!

Thank you for response. Looking forward to the solution/fix.

Hi @Cecilia Do you have any updates on this issue? I was hoping it was going to be resolved with todays update.


This fix is still going through our process, sorry for the wait! Hope to see it done soon. In case you need a quick workaround to be able to continue your development, you could create new page variables for each of the option labels and assign them as "All my " + appVars.username etc. And remember to update the value if the appVars.username changes. That way you can bind the new variables as the labels of your dropdown options, circumventing the need to use a formula. This is of course a bit of a hack and not ideal, but for the time being it could help you progress!