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Does anyone happen to have experience with Sign In with Apple? We are having one heck of a time trying to get it to pre-populate the user’s name. We’ve got the email fine, but not the name.

No experience with Apple sign in specifically, but how are you trying to do the pre-population of the user’s name? What would you like to happen? Are you opening an in-app browser with apple log in and would like to fill in the user’s email or something there?

The problem is that even if we include “name” and “email” in the request, the JTW (I think that’s what the developer called it) only ever sends back the email. In testing, it even tells the user that they’re granting permission to share the name (so we know we wrote the request correctly–it doesn’t say that if we just ask for email), but the name data simply isn’t in the information that’s returned.

Let’s wait and see if someone else with experience with Sign In ever has something to chime in with. This would be way outside the scope of AppGyver so I don’t want to send anyone on a wild goose chase (which it has been for us so far).

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Sign In with Apple is using the OpenId Connect Protocol.
As far I know you need to specify in the initial request which claims you like to be granted by the user.
This is usually done via a scope parameter in the query-parameter.
The JWT only returns what the user has authorized.
e.g. even if the app asks for my name, birthdate and email and I only authorize the email, when the JWT will only include the email. This is important to understand.

Taking a look at the documentation might help you.

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How did you do the apple sign in via appgyver? :slight_smile: