Sign-up/Login Page

Trying to create signup/login page and dismiss the page after success


Hi, I’m trying to build a Signup/login page for my app. I don’t understand how to dismiss the page after successful signup?

i did a lil bit of digging and there seems to be a flow func for this. But, the flow func description reads that I need to use the default authentication: which supports only login.

This seems fairly simple, but I can’t arrive at any possible logic to make this possible. Possible solutions?/

The Dismiss initial view function is to be used in conjunction with the firebase auth flow functions. At the end of your firebase login flow, attach the dismiss function as a way to signal to firebase that the login process is complete.
Then on the global canvas you could set a trigger event that checks a particular event happening during your login flow (like a user_ID created). For example if there is a user ID stored in an appVar then send user to a particular page.