Sign Up Page Help

Hi, everyone

I’m busy building my first app but am struggling with the sign-up page. I’ve integrated my app with Google Firebase, so I’m able to sign in.

I have tried a couple of methods I saw on the internet but none have really helped. I’ve attached an image of my sign-up screen below. Basically, I would like to create the information in my Firebase user database for the name & surname input, cellphone number input, email address input and password input.

Furthermore, which functions can I use to ensure that both passwords match as well as the terms and conditions checkbox is ticked before completing the registration? I’m assuming the ‘if condition’ function will be useful?

Thank you all very much in advance.

thats right, there is the function IS_EQUAL and IS_SAME

Hi, everyone

Thank you for your input, Dimos.

I came right with the sign-up process as well as the process of ensuring that the checkbox is ticked and that all information is entered before sign-up is possible.

I am now struggling with creating a new document in Firebase for the other information such as name & surname, email address and cellphone number. Does anyone have any guidance on how to achieve this?

Thank you very much in advance.

So you’re interested for firestore or realtime database?